Basil, Diana, and Roderick Gillyatt — Waterdown ON

Basil, Diana, and their four children immigrated to Canada from Argentina in 1983 to escape the economic downturn. After years of working on a large cattle farm, the Gillyatts sold everything they owned in Argentina and joined Basil’s brother in the chicken farming business. Thirty-five years later, they are still farming chicken on the Gillyatt family farm in South Western Ontario and have added two more farms to their operation.  Roderick is now managing the family business, with support from his sisters.


Recognizing the importance of consumer concern over animal welfare, the Gillyatts have remained focused on improving their farming practices. They solidified their commitment to conscientious farming when they joined the Rowe Farms team in 2003. “We have always admired the Rowe Farms philosophy,” says Basil, “and are happy to be part of their progressive team”. Today the Gillyatts are Rowe Farms’ leading provider of antibiotic-free chicken raised in comfortable, low-stress environments.


With animal welfare as priority, the Gillyatts’ chickens have extra space to roam in barns that provide and unrestricted access to feed and water. Careful consideration is given to lighting and air quality to simulate a natural environment and ensure the chicken’s comfort.